UOOSEE - Recycled Inner Tube Bag

Transforming Discarded Bicycle Inner Tubes Into Stylish Bags

Crafted for the Eco-Conscious Adventurer

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Discover our Uoosee backpacks, crafted from recycled bike tubes.

Each carries unique 'Tiremarks', showing off their past lives on the road. Every ride has a story, especially those that leave a mark. No longger blemishes, they're badges of adventure - ready for your next journey.


Side A


Side B


Artist Charity Graffiti Bag


Lavender Twilight PURPLE

280 meticulous steps in hand-stitching to create the ultimate recycled tire bag

Crafted with Care

We breathe new life into discarded bike tubes. Through a rad cross-disciplinary process, we take these forgotten warriors and give them a style upgrade. It's a rebirth, a second fashion life for these tire tubes. All done by hand, with 280 careful steps of stitching and crafting. This is more than just a bag - it's sustainability with swagger.

Uoosee ReTyred Messenger Bag


Meet the #HAHA collection - our salute to Mother Nature and killer design. Recycling discarded bicycle inner tubes, retaining their original rounded arc, creates a natural upward "smile." Carrying a backpack, it brings along a cheerful atmosphere wherever you go, ready to embark on spontaneous journeys and share laughs. The "HAHA" Bag is a unique and joy-inducing emoji sent to life, elevating the value of happiness.

Uoosee ReTyred Loading Backpack


Introducing the #Loading Backpack, our testament to sustainable fashion. Crafted from recycled bicycle inner tubes, it's the perfect blend of resilience and style. Its versatile front pocket flexibly holds your sports gear, making a bold statement of your active lifestyle. From daily commutes to weekend getaways, the #Loading Backpack is your stylish solution to carry life's essentials. Start your adventure now.

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