Uoosee HAHA Bag
Uoosee HAHA Bag
Uoosee HAHA Bag
Uoosee HAHA Bag
Uoosee HAHA Bag
Uoosee HAHA Bag
Uoosee HAHA Bag
Uoosee HAHA Bag

Uoosee HAHA Bag

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Side A:Black
Side B:Bumblebee Yellow
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Exclusively Yours

Each Bag, a Singular Work of Art


Harnessing the spirit of the discarded bicycle inner tubes, we breathe new life into them through a complex interplay of crafts and design. Each bag stands testament to a renewed sense of style, embarking on its second fashionable journey.

A Journey of Transformation

From Discard to Distinction

Inner Tube Collection

We traverse the city's veins, visiting bike shops door-to-door to gather discarded inner tubes. Each tube undergoes a thorough quality inspection.

Scars Tell Stories

Each inner tube used in our bags has a history. They have been part of someone's journey, through morning rush hours, witnessing sunrises and sunsets. Each mark, each 'scar', tells a story of its past life.

Bag of Tricks

Unleashing the Uoosee Superpowers

Built to Last

Resilient, Wear-Resistant, Effortlessly Cleanable.

360° Waterproof

Made from butyl rubber. Fear no rain.

Pure Handmade

Unique, Stylish & Exquisite


Different materials but match perfectly

Surfing the Intersection of Sport, Sustainability, and Style

Cruisin' the Uoosee Wave

Uoosee is all about riding the vibe of the casual, active lifestyle. We soak up the adrenaline from the cycling tracks and the frisbee fields, transforming the raw grit of recycled bike inner tubes into the chic look of our sports bags. With our innovative upcycling, eclectic design, and cool, cross-disciplinary craftsmanship, we're crafting accessories that are ready for the half-pipe, the morning commute, the outdoor hike, or a spontaneous street snap.

In every stitch and seam of a Uoosee bag, you'll find a little piece of the 'go with the flow' ethos that defines us. 'Uoosee' isn't just our name—it's our philosophy. It's about finding those golden moments in the hustle, kickstarting a joyride, and always catching the next wave.